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We created a brand new identity for the State of Baja California. The State, which had been marketing itself as Baja Norte, returned to the historic name of Baja California with this campaign.

Executed in partnership with Enigma Creative, the colours and iconography conjure the varied topography of the peninsula: ocean, valley, woods, desert, and sea.

Baja California-Branding-towel--hero01 -Logo Baja California, beach towel
Concept of the creation of the logo of Baja California, Sea, desert, mountains and sea.
Baja Califonia-LogoPlaces- Ensenada, Rosarito Mexicali, Branding, Baja logo
Baja Califonia-Graphic, branding, adv, Desing Dunas de Cuervitos, MeXICALI

The graphic elements were deliberately playful. But, by adding latitude and longitude coordinates, plus a satellite map, we made sure people could see where photos featured in the advertising were taken. This added integrity and a high degree of specificity to the campaign. It was the first time latitude and longitude coordinates had been used like this in a tourism campaign.⁠

Baja California, baja 1000, baja 500, san felipe, Branding, off road,
Baja California, Graphic, surf, branding, logo, icon, rosarito

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From Mountains to Seas.

Baja California -Branding-Bote, stencil, branding, golfo de california

In Mexico it is common for people to paint branding directly onto walls. The logo was therefore designed to work well as a stencil, maximising its utility. Even small-scale fishermen can quickly apply the branding to their boats.⁠⁠

Each icon captures one of the state’s many facets, from the vineyards of Ensenada, to the big wave surfing of Rosarito, and the off-road adventure of the desert. ⁠⁠