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Selecting the ideal branding agency involves defining your needs, researching expertise and experience, assessing cultural fit and creativity, considering budget and return of investment, prioritizing communication and support, evaluating scalability, and trusting your instincts to find the perfect partner for your brand’s journey; whether it’s to assess, pivot, embark on rebranding initiatives, or infuse innovative creativity, feel free to contact us to explore how we can collaborate on elevating your brand.


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We’ve put together some typical scenarios for you. These are broad prompts to get the conversation started. Go ahead, click around and when you’re feeling it, drop us a line.

I have a great product but no brand around it.

Congratulations, my friend. You’ve built something that works and that’s a fine start. You may want to begin by thinking about the personality of your product. What are its core traits, its quirks and sublime qualities? How does it dress? Let’s make sure you stand out. What you’re thinking about is creating a brand. We got you, this is our bread and butter.

I own a popular small restaurant and it’s time to expand.

You’re probably thinking about a refresh. We want to make sure your brand is recognisable, but ready to expand fast, with distinctive communication assets that are easy to reproduce and fit to function in a lot of different environments. The trick is, to do without losing warmth or integrity in the process.

We manufacture green energy batteries for industrial units. The tech is cutting edge, but the branding is decades old.

If your branding looks stale and dated, it’s likely undermining your position as a technology supplier. The good news is, you’re in a position to overhaul your brand and capitalise on your time in the game. Done right, you can make those decades of experience sing for you.

I have startup with great tech and talent but the market is saturated. I want to keep the team but find a different focus.

All right, so you’re shifting strategy and changing your primary focus. The branding side of this delicate manoeuvre mirrors the strategy. We work out what you have that is strong and still serving you, and we lean into that. The rest is open sea.

I manage a large tech company and we’re thinking of making one of our services into its own entity.

Sounds like you’re planning a carveout. Assuming it’s a spin-off, we’ll need to decide (among other things) whether you want the new entity to retain any of the design DNA of the original company, or whether the two look, branding-wise, like unrelated entities.

Our branding could be better, but we’re not sure whether to update it. And if we do, what to change and what to keep.

This is a lot more common than you might think. Because changing your brand and getting it wrong can lead to loss of market share, companies often sit tight or get frozen in place because the various stakeholders can’t reach consensus. We can provide an expert assessment that helps you minimise risk and focus on the future.