Securing the world’s waterways.


From strategy and naming, to branding, digital design, and simultaneous launch in three time zones, it was quite a ride.

We strove to establish a clear, visual link to the awe-inspiring natural environment in which Tidalis operates, and to the real-world impact their solutions have (the tech these guys create is essential for securing the world’s maritime transport system, upon which so many of the things we love or take for granted rely).

Creating the Tidalis brand involved leveraging heritage built up over decades of successful operations (most recently as part of Saab, prior to divestment), while also signalling the start of something fresh, innovative, and future-focused.


Software Systems
TIDALIS ipad icon design, ux, interaction desing,

One of the key strategic objectives was to unify teams in Canada, Belgium, Hong Kong, The Netherlands, and Sweden, fostering a cohesive organizational identity. Through meticulous research in naming conventions and the development of a unified brand flag, we successfully achieved the integration, instilling a sense of unity and shared purpose across all locations.