Solving housing dreams for everyone

ANYONE is set to solve the housing crisis with an innovative new financing model that makes the dream of home-ownership possible for, well, anyone. For this ambitious start-up, we needed to create a brand that felt both disruptive and stable.

Anyone had to have all the warmth of home, while inspiring the kind of confidence required for big-money transactions to take place on the platform.

anyone branding and strategy design, art direction

Sinking our teeth into this design tension was heady stuff! We ran a series of intensive workshops with the team to help us get the creative insights needed. Colour was identified as the key to unlock’s diverse communication needs. Through a carefully constructed palette, we struck a fine balance between the twin goals of disruption and stability.





In crafting the logo, we strategically incorporated the concept of a dot to symbolize the global populace of “8 billion Anyones” on Earth. This deliberate choice aligns seamlessly with the brand’s core values, encapsulating its mission through a compelling human-pixel motif. Furthermore, this design provides a versatile visual language for conveying brand messages and concepts. Notably, the dot deviates from a perfect circle, a deliberate departure from nature’s perfection, serving to underscore the brand’s inherent humanity.