Digital platform

Designed to put people first.


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Cocoroco connects companies with remote customer service agents all over the world. Fast, hassle-free, compliant hiring. For companies, this means access to a global talent pool. For candidates, it means access to global job opportunities and the freedom to create their own remote work environment.

Cocoroco, brand develpment, photography, art direction, ux



Digital Platform

The web design solution had to be modular, compatible with WordPress. We played with the wordmark “C” to create graphic elements that lend the design a vibrant feel, without cluttering the content. The brand is friendly, but must also convey that sense of reliability, security and efficiency required of a company providing recruitment services.

We also ran a two-day photoshoot to create a catalogue of bespoke imagery to project Cocoroco’s brand values, and oversaw the production of blog content.

The variety of business cards reflects the diversity of the team and the talented people from all over the world they employ.